Collage of Quilts
Fiber Optix formerly “Contemporary Concepts” An Artists' Group
Fiber Optix is a group of Pacific Northwest artists whose chosen medium is the art quilt or quilted wall hanging. Although the work of art quilt makers is built upon the foundation of traditional, utilitarian quilt making, these contemporary artists use the tools of that tradition in order to achieve the same goals as all artists: self expression and the creation of visually stimulating and meaningful works of art. They seek to push the limits, to produce unique, original, individual designs that will speak to others eloquently. Winter detail
Cracked detail Fiber Optix meets once a month to share and critique members' work. Their goal is to grow as artists through this regular exchange of visual, technical and theoretical concepts. They share inspiration, techniques, opportunities and information. They also discuss art and art concepts in general and come together to pursue opportunities to exhibit their work individually and as a group.
I Love a Mystery detail Fiber Optix members have been quite successful in the emerging world of art quilts, exhibiting in all of the most prestigious national and international art quilt shows: Quilt National, Visions, Art Quilt Elements and Fiberart International, as well as numerous other state, national and international venues. Many of their works are presently held in public and private collections. Their work has also been featured in major surveys of the field, written up in various publications and has appeared on the covers of poetry books, textbooks, scientific journals, and magazines.
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