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Liz's Artist's Statement
My work focuses upon multiple systems of patterning. I am most interested in the overlap of different systems of patterning, whether the systems are similar or contrasting, and the amplification or disruption of that patterning with multiple layers. I oscillate between complicating and simplifying the patterning.

I come to textiles from a background of architecture. As a student and former practicing architect, I learned to observe and analyze patterns of human behavior in order to design buildings responsive to those patterns. The design process often involved the conceptual layering of behavioral patterns (traffic patterns, comfort zones) with the physical patterns of the building (spatial, structural, decorative). With some pushing and pulling, and a little magic, the design of the building would gradually emerge.

I use a variety of materials and techniques to create the patterning I desire. Early work was exclusively cotton and relied on piecing and hand or machine quilting to create the patterning. In the past 15 years, I have begun to work more with silk and have added shibori (tie-dye), screen printing, wax resist (batik), felting, and hand stitching to the techniques I use to create my patterning.

Liz's Notable Achievements
Liz's artistic career includes many highlights beyond being juried into numerous prestigious exhibitions. She was the winner of Quilt Japan Prize from Quilt Visions in 1997, the recipient of an individual artist's grant from the Cultural Arts Council for Houston and Harris County in 2005, chosen as Resident Artist at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft its inaugural year of 2001, and was Juror for Quilt National in 2003 and for Quilt Visions in 2004. Most recently, Liz has been juried into Quilt Visions 2016 as well as Quilt National 2017. She was also invited by Nancy Crow to show in her Color Improvisations II exhibit which will tour a number of sites in Europe throughout 2016-17.

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