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Cher's Artist's Statement

After a lifetime of relying on words to communicate, I discovered the language of visual art which allows more articulate and subtle expression than I could ever achieve with mere words. I hand dye fabric and sew it into quilted wall hangings as my medium of visual expression. I consider my work “painting with cloth,” but with an extra tactile element. My quilts are primarily abstract explorations of form and colour and the emotions evoked by these elements, but I also hope to elicit a physical response in the viewer whose hand almost invariably seeks to touch the wondrously sensuous surface of the quilted cloth.

Cher's Notable Achievements

Masters: Art Quilts book cover Cher has shown in a number of regional, national and international exhibits, including being juried into Quilt National two times. Ten pages of her work was included in Lark Books' publication, Masters: Art Quilts.

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