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Marcia's Artist's Statement

For the last five years my artistic practice has been focused on creating commercial fabric design. I start with a blank canvas: a bolt of muslin, fabric dyes, and the primary colors in silkscreen paints. I set to work gathering colors, images and objects from everywhere around me. Anything that catches my eye on the driftwood beaches or in the studio becomes an artist's tool: pine cones, spoons, brushes, homemade stamps,
and bamboo pens. I am currently a fabric designer with Windham Fabrics building a vocabulary of color with collections based on my hand dyed fabrics.

Marcia's Notable Achievements

After a degree in typography from the University of Wisconsin and a full career as the owner of a successful independent children's bookstore Marcia became a full-time fiber artist showing her work in galleries, museums and art fairs around the country. Most recently, Marcia has become a very successful designer of her own line of commercial fabric.

Click here to go to Marcia's own website where you can view and order her gorgeous fabrics.


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